To impart to everyone the knowledge of who God really is

       United Penetcostal Churches

Why We Are

Why we are: We are convinced He is forever and always there for us to inspire us, to direct, to instruct and to speak through us.



We are His hands, His feet, His voice, and His body! We are His Beloved and we are His Dreams, we are His Hopes and His Desires!

We are His church and we are called to go into the world to let people know who He is and that they are all eligible to receive Him and His riches and glory which are all available and treasured in Jesus Christ!


We are called to the world no matter what color, or cultural, they are. No matter what background, up-bring or lifestyle they have led. No matter their past or their failures, His call is to all who desire to be free!


We are “Streams of Hope” flowing from the truth, with the Gospel of Liberty to all who are afflicted, or in bondage, or in despair or caught in hopelessness, with the message of a fruit filled life in that there is hope, there is a plan and a divine purpose. That there is a fulfillment to that dream, that all men can be free! 


We believe we are called to impart, [pass on, inform, convey, to instruct. and or teach] the truth which He has entrusted to us, we His church. And that truth is that God is calling all men to repentance. He is calling all nations, all races; all genders and all faiths to His Kingdom. To be partakers of His Mercy, His Liberty and His Grace!


It is God’s will that all be saved and we plan to put into effect that message through His power which is over us the church. Through the Gifts of the Spirit which is freely given to everyone who seeks them. To bear and impart the Fruit of the Spirit which is the sign of His inhabitation within us.


We therefore can see the kingdom of God, coming to pass and His will shall be upon the earth as it is in Heaven. This is the promise of God and it shall be fulfilled and His Glory will cover the earth like the sea. We are His instruments of Grace and Power!


As a stream is powered by its source, it moves into areas, locale, into spaces, into regions that are many times inaccessible to others forms of watering. So in this concept of Streams of Hope we are expecting doors to open and opportunities made available throughout the entire Earth because of His Anointing!  As a stream that flows from a source, it continues to move where ever, however, there is a pathway, an opening, a trail. And as long as that source continues which it does and will, that stream, no matter its size, will continue until it pools and eventually overflows it banks and starts all over again. The stream moves according to its source.


We expect to see our mission field inundated with the message of freedom, grace and power. Everywhere there is an opening, everywhere there is a cavity or a crevice needing a touch from God.


First we will go by person to person and word of mouth. Then we will go by group meetings, then by door to door witnessing, and into the internet. Then we will flow growing into larger gatherings, then weekly revivals, then by small crusades, and then expanding into larger crusades, developing into the internet podcast broadcasting system, then to radio spots, then television, and eventually into global broadcasting. We are looking to a world wide Good News outreach. We are Streams of Hope Church proclaiming and imparting the Knowledge of who God really is!


Streams of Hope Church