To impart to everyone the knowledge of who God really is

     United Penetcostal Churches


Our Vision

Our Vision is that every person will come to a complete and total comprehension of the liberty  that exists through Jesus Christ and to help and to develop within them the desire to dwell and maintain in that liberty as God makes His self known to all those who earnestly seek Him.



We envision passing on this impartation through face to face meeting, through one on one contact and fellowship meetings, in going forth and reaching our immediate world. As God leads and the doors are open to expand into group gatherings, Bible studies and prayer and healing cells in thus taking God’s plan into our neighboring communities.


We expect to then take the Gospel throughout our city and then into other cities. Growing and spreading throughout the state, then to other states and eventually to other countries throughout the entire globe to proclaim the liberty that only can come from God alone!  

Streams of Hope Church