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Do Unto Others:


Below is a list of links to products and or business’ that we endorse. Please take a moment and click on their links. The good Lord has brought them into our lives. Now we’d like to bring them into yours.


 Healing Rooms of Pasadena 



Healing Rooms of Pasadena is a God inspired ministry that satisfies a spiritual hunger for His supernatural touch through divine healing. God is using ordinary people to do extraordinary things unto His glory. No appointment is necessary. While no one is discouraged from seeing a physician or taking medication, the volunteer staffs are confident that God’s provision for healing is for everyone. Visit them on the web by clicking the link above.




Solemn Assembly


Solemn Assembly is dedicated to providing help to persons and organizations that are in need. They are located in Apple Valley, California. Monthly meetings are held and anyone who would like to attend should call (626) 617-2570 to reserve your seat. Visit them on the web by clicking the link above.




The Coffee Break BBS


The Coffee Break BBS, owned and operated by Lisa Verhagen, has been in business since 1995.  Need an inexpensive option to build an internet presence? Visit our Webmaster’s site by clicking the link above. Mention you heard about them here and receive a 10% discount!

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