To impart to everyone the knowledge of who God really is

       United Penetcostal Churches

Who We Are

Who  we  are: To impart to everyone the knowledge of who God really is” may seem, at

first glance to be an ambiguous or an abstract statement. But it is not! In this world today, there are people with many different ideas or mental images of who God is. But many of them are void

of a real Gospel inspired truth. 




We believe and we are convinced that there is simply One True God. He is revealed in the Holy Bible, the Word of God, which is the written testimonial of His existence.


He is the Creator of all things, He is the Sovereign Father, His is the Son of God, the Son of Man, He is Jesus the Christ and He is the Holy Spirit our Comforter, the Spirit and the Glory of God. He is our Father, our LORD and our Administrator.


It is with this conviction that we intend to “preach the Gospel throughout the whole world”. “The Good News” that there is a Savior there is a Resurrection, and a Restitution and a Judgment.


The Gospel message is that we have a loving, merciful, and caring God who has made every provision for our life to be successful and fruitful. There is forgiveness, there is healing and restoration. There is recovery and redemption. There is holiness and sanctification. There is power, love and liberty.


Taking from the words of Bishop J. W. Macklin senior pastor of Glad Tidings Church, Hasting California, from the 2007 Pentecostal Church of God, Joplin Missouri, General Conference  “…a religion that insulates us from the world around us has little power to influence the world surrounding us. As Believers we do not seek insulation from the World but rather to be a conduit to the World by which the Holy Spirit of God can flow through us, bringing life and help and hope and healing to a world in need…”


It is with this mindset that we choose to go into the world with Holy Spirit Power and to that world that is beyond our church walls and into our immediate world, into the world that we call the cities and states and into the world on foreign soil and foreign seas as God leads. It is this conviction that we shall go with the intention of telling of His plan of redemption. We are persuaded that we will be successful in our efforts because He has promised through the written Word of God that never fails, that He would be there “working with and confirming the Word with signs following.” We are more than conquers through Him that loves us!


Therein we expect God to show up each and every time we meet and pray. We believe that the Spirit of Redemption is available every time we meet. We believe that healing comes and is present wherever and whenever petitioned. We believe that deliverance and freedom from bondage is attainable whenever and wherever called for.



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